This is Why Lenovo should purchase Blackberry

Lenovo ousted LG as the world’s 3rd largest mobile device maker, thanks to the Chinese market only…………….

The Pink Panther

When I came back home to Lebanon for Christmas vacation in 2009, I was amazed by how popular Blackberry was in my little country especially among kids and teens, the most unlikely customer base for the most popular business phone. 8 months earlier when I first left, the smart phone was virtually non-existent in our market. I returned back to the USA after the holidays just in time to witness Blackberry’s downward spiral in Northern America while at the same time their global market share peaked. Blackberry’s 5 minutes of fame was short lived and what was once an owner of 43% of the US mobile phone market is now struggling to sell a few million devices with studies showing that they now barely control a little of 3% market share. Imagine yourself skydiving and for some reason the parachute doesn’t open; this is how fast Blackberry went down. Attributing…

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